Giana Lynn

I aspire to inspire


About Giana Lynn

"I aspire to inspire"

Philadelphia-born and raised singer-songwriter Giana Lynn has been working avidly on writing new songs, recording her follow-up album to her EP "Gianre," and playing her music out for others, both at local venues and farther away. Over the last 18 months, Giana Lynn appeared at Sexton Sideshow's Memorial Dei Family Picnic in South Philadelphia, The Elements Music Fest in Buffalo New York, Pink Moon Festival in West Virginia, and more. During the autumn, she performed in The Women's Show in York, Pennsylvania, and The Brandywine Music Festival in Wilmington, Delaware. Highlights of 2016 include a performance at The New Jersey State Fair at The Meadowlands, and Artscape, the largest public festival of the arts. Giana has been working hard to record her full-length album, "Escape the Valley," and write new songs. Between that, she has appeared in Pink Moon Festival 8 in West Virginia, the Fringe on the Fringe Festival at the SawTown Tavern, and The Tacony Summer Concert Series.

Giana Lynn is the hostess of two local open mic nights every week, which are run by Sandbox Music Productions. They take place at The SawTown Tavern in northeast Philadelphia, and Curran's Irish Inn (Tacony). The Curran’s Irish Inn open mic will resume in the springtime when the patio is reopened.

Giana Lynn began dabbling in the art of composition at the early age of six. When her loved ones first heard “City of Darkness” in D Minor, they knew that that marked the beginning of a lifetime of creating music for her. Giana’s fervor for creative writing not only continued, but intensified as she grew older. At age eleven she began to write songs with lyrics regularly, at age twelve she began to pen short (and not-so-short) stories as well. When Giana reached high school in the year of 2008, she decided to take her songwriting more seriously.  

At the age of fifteen, she put that decision to work and turned out songs with more sound structures and accompaniments. When she reached college in the year of 2012, she, even more so, seriously considered maturing her musical style and lyrics, and fiercely chasing her dreams of becoming a full-time musician. As a self-taught vocalist (aside from any choral instruction at the theater camp she attended from summers 2007-2012), she learned to write songs that better fit her vocal range through trial and error. She began to compose more orchestral compositions with the hopes of working in the film or video game score industry. She was even accepted into a challenging music program at another college, which she began to attend the following school year - in 2013.

However, in Fall of 2013, Giana withdrew from school due to an onset of depressive and anxious tendencies. Instead of allowing this to stifle her dreams completely, she utilized it as fuel for her songs, stories, and poems. Fall of 2013 is the same time that Giana began to experiment with spoken word, or slam, poetry, penning her first spoken word poem, “Confessions of a Dream Chaser."

IAlthough she did withdraw from college that Fall, the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 progressed with positive energy as Giana was preparing to record her EP “Gianre” with Sandbox Music Productions. The sessions began as early as February of 2014 and continued to run all the way into October of 2014. "Gianre" was released on November 18th, 2014. Giana is currently in the studio recording her follow-up, full-length album due for release in early 2017.

Giana lives by several philosophies including, but certainly not limited to, “treat others the way you yourself want to be treated,” “be kind whenever possible: it is alway possible,” (Dalai Lama) and “aspire to inspire.” Her ultimate goal is to touch people's souls with her music the way her own soul has been embraced a multitude of times by others’ music, and to inspire people to truly live the life of which they dream.


“I aspire to inspire. I am, always have been, and hope to always remain, a musician. I'm just a girl who refuses to give up on her dreams.” - Giana Lynn, 2012.