Giana's Story

Philadelphia born and raised singer/songwriter Giana Lynn is an indie musician with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Highlights from 2017 include Giana appearing at the Tri-County State Fair in New Jersey, The Philadelphia DRCC's Spring Fling, The Tacony Summer Concert Series, SawTown Tavern's Fringe on the Fringe fest in Philadelphia, and more! The release of her first full-length album, My Glass Heart, was also a highlight of 2017 (July 11th). In 2018, Giana plans to release a 5-song EP titled No Longer Silent in late March, and publish a romance novel, Project: Peanut Butter, later in the year.

Giana began dabbling in the art of composition at the early age of six. When her loved ones first heard what she dubbed City of Darkness in D Minor, they knew that that moment marked the beginning of a lifetime of creating music for her. Giana's fervor for creative writing not only continued, but intensified greatly as she grew older. At age ten, she began to write songs with lyrics regularly, and at age twelve she began to pen short (and not-so-short) stories as well. When Giana reached high school in the year of 2008, she decided to take her songwriting more seriously.

At the age of fifteen, she put that decision to work and churned out songs with more sound structures and accompaniments. When she began to attend Arcadia University in 2012, she, even more so, seriously considered maturing her musical style and lyrics, and fiercely chasing her dreams of becoming a successful full-time musician. As a self-taught vocalist (aside from some choral instruction at the theater camp she attended from summers 2007-2012), she learned to write songs that better fit her vocal range through trial and error. She began to compose more orchestral compositions with the hopes of working in the film or video game score industry. She decided to transfer schools to switch majors from theater to music, and was accepted into Temple University to study it, which she began to attend the following school year - in 2013.

However, in autumn of 2013, Giana withdrew from school with a burning desire to chase her dreams on her own terms. Although she did withdraw from college that year, the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 progressed with passionate, positive energy as Giana prepared to record her debut EP with a local publishing company. Gianre, a collection of eight unique songs, was titled with a pun based on the variety of genres included on the mini album combined with her name. It was released on November 18th, 2014. The following year, her Christmas single, Family Christmas, was released on November 6th.

Her music has been heard on WXPN in Philadelphia, and featured on Women Of Substance Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, Indie Castle, and RockLanOne, a BillBoard-tracked top internet radio station. Giana's mantra is Aspire to inspire. Her ultimate goal is to touch peoples' souls with her music the way her own soul has been embraced a multitude of times by others' music, and to give people the courage to live the life of which they dream.