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June 2014

A drifting soul.

A heavy heart with memories and scars

fading away into ashes of a past life.

Alone traversing the evening skies,

musing over whys.

The mind becomes

a hurricane of pains and

rights and wrongs.

They're here, then gone.

And as night is to dawn,

it never belonged.

Destined to search the stars

whose sparkling beauty

brands deep scars

into the already withering heart

of a shivering, flickering soul.

The paths of stardust

carved by the others' trust

thrust radiating waves of hope

that served such purpose until they broke

again and again and again.

When shooting stars became out of reach,

the soul became too weak

to beseech them to wait.

To notice.

What an onus to bear

without so much as a hair

of a care from the stars

who have already seemed to bar

its existence.

Of what value is persistence

when the end result

remains resistance?

There are few things less complex

than a damaged soul trying to catch

these perplexing, vexing stars.



A Love Poem

February 15, 2015

What is love

in this day and age?

I want more than just a page

in my story.

I desire

a dedication

to the glory

of our union.

You and I on

each other’s minds

all the time.


to what can’t be seen

with human eyes.


by shyness;


for secrets’ sake.

Don’t break

my heart.

It’s a start,

when we despise

existing apart.

The wondering.

The blundering.

The hunger stings,

but brings forth

a blossoming Spring

brimming with

curious songs to sing

of kings and queens,


and candle-lit scenes,

making me

feel sixteen


The way your eyes glisten

as we listen

to our nervous hearts,

making it our mission

to nail this audition

for the position

of your one and only,

hypnotizes me;

capsizes my

bottle of doubts,

turns it inside out,

wipes it dry as a

desert drought

because, with you,

I am not allowed

to enshroud

myself with negativity.

That's simply not a possibility.

For when I look in your eyes,

focus only on the way

your radiance shines,

I can think of nothing else,

but making you mine.

But this is not love,

in this day and age.

It's what we can gain.

It's who can win the game.

It's a shame.

It's who can care less.

It's if you'll have sex.

It's a stressful,

guessing mess

instead of a simple

"no," or "yes."

It's texting

from your car,

when the doorbell isn't far,

It's lying about scars,

afraid of revealing

who you are.

It's "living in the moment."

It's inappropriate.

It's rushing into,

lusting into,

fickle togetherness.

Not testing

if it's even right.

Do they deserve

you day and night?

Don't take your time.

Just feel.

Because this

is "real."

Let them steal

your heart.

Your precious heart.

Your work of art

nursed and nurtured

by the pains and arcs

of the life you've built.


with sensitive nerves.


to every dream you've chased.


give yourself away.

But love

in this day and age

doesn't have to be

this cage.

This wager.

A phase until

the other strays.

It should be a gift;

begun in courtship.

Gripping, exciting,


When you can't


that someone so special

would spend

their precious

hours with breath

beside you.

Something so invigorating,


through every inch

of yourself.

That is love.

It is to be earned;

yearned for.

An indescribable connection.

An election

to adore

each other's imperfections.

Two people sharing

one life.

To ultimately become

a husband or a wife.

To those seeking love

in this day and age,


is my advice.